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Growing Hope Globally

A Christian Response to Hunger: Feeding the World Through Farming

Growing Hope contacted Buchanan Brand + Design to help them develop strategies and creative tactics to raise more funds and increase awareness for the organization. The six month rebranding project included naming, brand strategy and messaging, identity, and a complete overhaul of their website and collateral materials.

Growing Hope Globally is an international nonprofit that links the grassroots energy and commitment of agricultural communities around the world with the capability and desire of small farmers in developing countries to grow lasting solutions to hunger. Growing Hope helps hungry people in some of the most remote regions of the world gain the dignity of providing for themselves with the assistance of 16 implementing organizations and their local partners. They have helped over 1 million people become food secure since their founding in 1999.


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The name, Growing Hope Globally, reflects the organizations agricultural roots and the key role their Growing Projects play in helping people a world away lift themselves out of poverty and hunger, providing hope for generations to come. The logo contains three, interrelated parts: three lines of soil, a green heart and a circle.

Symbolizing rows of crops and levels of transformation program participants go through as they lift themselves up, the lines of soil also show the deep roots of the nonprofits Christian faith.

The green heart symbolizes the Growing Projects and the seeds of hope that are planted for people around the world. It also represents the belief that people living in extreme poverty can grow and flourish when provided the opportunity.

The devotion to people around the globe is shown by the circle enclosing the elements.

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