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Design Grants Total

We are proud of the amount that has been awarded over the years to help the many deserving nonprofits.

$620450 total donated since 2010

Nonprofit organizations have an important role, but we understand that many don’t have the budget for brand strategy and design. Too many nonprofits settle for design help from various sources but without an effective brand roadmap they are hindered from fulfilling their mission and maximizing their impact.

Orange Tree Project Design Grants help nonprofits who don’t have the financial resources. Nonprofit organizations are carefully selected to ensure a successful partnership.

We believe in creating a win-win model for the nonprofit and the agency.

A Win For Nonprofits

Selected nonprofits are only required to pay 50% of the project value for branding and design. The remaining 50% is covered pro bono.

A Win For Buchanan

We receive 50% paid compensation to cover operational hard costs associated with our services; the remaining 50% is covered through tailored promotion and exposure for Buchanan.

Lahaina Lele

Maui holds many special memories for my family. Our first visit to Lahaina was in 1999, the town was historic, charming, and generous, providing endless memories and photos throughout the years. The town had beautifully maintained historic buildings dating back to the mid 1800’s giving a glimpse into what made Lahaina so important in Hawaiian history. 

We visited Lahaina in April prior to the fires and again in November, it was devastated and heartbreaking to see Lahaina turned to ashes. Looking for a way to help, I turned to what I know best by designing the Lahaina Lele identity and making it available for purchase on an assortment of branded products. 100% of the profits from sales will be donated to nonprofits that will help the community of Lahaina.

Please consider making a purchase to help Lahaina rebuild. Together we can make a difference by spreading the Lahaina Lele message to inspire hope and help the community rebuild.

This is my way of expressing Aloha, inspired by the Hawaiian culture that means so much to me and my family. Mahalo!


Inspired by the “L” atop the mountain overlooking the town of Lahaina.

The ocean, marine life, and beaches are culturally important to the community.

A heart represents the love for Lahaina rising to it’s full majestic glory.

Lele is the ancient name of Lahaina. Incorporating both honors past and present.

Our Love is With You.  A message for Lahaina and a takeaway for visitors.

The design is meant to give hope and shared strength to the Lahaina Ohana.