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Buchanan Brand + Design has collaborated with Michael Sick on a number of clients and we find that his strategy, positioning and messaging services have enhanced the effectiveness of our Branding and Design work.  We are happy to build in marketing consulting services in comprehensive branding packages or have you contact Michael Sick directly for additional services.

Michael has worked with clients across the United States, Europe, Australia, Asia, the Middle East and South America. A longtime observer of consumer behavior, Michael Sick brings a vast amount of experience to the task of building brands and businesses for clients.  Having worked for agencies on the Jack In The Box and Kentucky Fried Chicken accounts, Mike also brings significant senior client-side experience in the restaurant industry with brands like Arby’s, Burger King, Jack In the Box, Pizza Hut and others. Mike has been involved with hundreds of new product launches including the Pan Pizza at Pizza Hut, Grilled Sourdough at Jack In The Box and Market Fresh at Arby’s. Mike knows first-hand that new products are the growth engines for most companies.

The highly competitive restaurant industry honed Mike’s keen understanding of competitive strategy and he has applied his insight with great success for many other brands in a diverse set of industries including Pearle Vision, Coca Cola, Comp USA, PetCo and companies involved with software, wireless, entertainment and electronics.

Mike brings a unique perspective demographically having lived on the east coast, the west coast and in Texas.  He also has done extensive research into the buying habits and preferences of young people being the father of four and a growing number of grand children.

In his free time, Mike is a black diamond skier, an underwater hockey player, a BBQ chef and a writer of fiction. View Linked-In profile and join Mike’s Network.

Marketing, Business Development Consultant, Writer