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May 14, 2020 | buchanandesign

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Why Branding Always Matters

Our global economy is currently facing a pandemic. Individual business owners and entrepreneurs are all looking for ways to stay afloat during the economic downturn. There have been several times in history where the economy has struggled and business owners were forced to go into survival mode. The unfortunate reality with times like these is that some businesses will fail and some businesses will survive. But can a business thrive in a post-pandemic society? One thing is certain: the marketplace will reopen and there will be a lot of opportunities and less competition.

So, how do you position yourself above your competition? How can you set yourself up to come out the gate stronger than ever before? By taking the time now to develop a strong brand identity and a comprehensive company brand strategy. Over the remainder of this article we at Buchanan Brand + Design are going to provide you with our best tips and practices to bring that concept into reality for your business.

The First Piece is Understanding Your Audience

The one reality about setting up your business for success in a post-pandemic world is understanding that all of your clients, customers, and the public at large are also going to be living in a post-pandemic world. What we mean by this is, we need to be aware as business owners how our buying public will be affected by the pandemic. How has this affected their buying potential? Has it changed our core demographics? How has the pandemic affected our competitors or our marketplace as a whole? These questions are most easily answered by doing a competitive analysis of your industry. However, thinking about these questions and looking for the solutions is something you can – and should – begin doing immediately.

Once you have an understanding of how your core clientele has been affected, you will know how to communicate with them in a way that will be consistent with your brand strategy and identity.

What is Brand Identity?

Brand Identity is a core component of what can make a company successful. And it includes everything from a strong logo design, a memorable business name, the tone and voice of your brand, and the way that brand personality is expressed through your office space. In all honesty, it’s the way a brand or company presents itself to the public and distinguishes the business from its competitors in the mind of the consumer. In a nutshell, think NIKE. NIKE is the company name, the swoosh, the catchphrase JUST DO IT, and the promotion of an athletic company. When you see, think, or hear NIKE, what do you associate with that brand?

Now ask yourself, when you think about your business, what do you want others to associate with your name? The words, ideas, and visuals that are flashing through your head right now are your brand identity. Getting those ideas to become reality is the job of a comprehensive branding and design agency. Ultimately, their goal is to help make those thoughts a concrete reality.

From Ramon Ray, a successful entrepreneur, speaker, best selling author, and one of the country’s top small business experts,

“People immediately recognize a Starbucks logo or a BMW logo because those logos are consistently displayed and used by each Brand. Smaller businesses might think that they don’t need to be consistent with their identity, but they are mistaken. People recognize businesses based on their brand identity.

Only small businesses that have a small mindset don’t worry about design and branding. Small business owners who think big, who think about growth, who think for scale – those owners understand that branding is important and invest in their brands.”

So how does what Ramon is saying apply to your business in a post-pandemic society? This is the time to be thinking about these concepts. Ultimately, coming out the gate running is going to be important, and making sure you are consistent with your brand identity at all times will help set you apart from your competitors.

How Do I Create a Comprehensive Company Brand Strategy?

At Buchanan Brand + Design we believe a Brand Strategy can be broken down into three essential phases:


Taking the time now to work collaboratively with a branding and design agency can really take your business to the next level. A great agency will take the time to discover everything there is to know about you and your business to help you build the best brand strategy. These areas of focus include your vision, your company culture, your target markets, and competitive analysis among other key elements of discovery for your brand.


This phase is integral to having the complete comprehensive brand strategy, and where working collaboratively with an agency of experts like Buchanan Brand + Design can really set you apart from your competitors. Identity is broken into multiple key components. These include understanding your core identity (which should be easily understood through phase 1), articulating your brand positioning and unique proposition, and even identifying your company voice in how your company communicates with the public at large. Working with an agency can help take a lot of stress and headache out of this process for business owners and entrepreneurs.


If you have successfully tackled the first two phases, you are ready for execution. Execution is exactly what it sounds like: you take the information and resources developed over the prior two phases and implement them strategically in phase three. Again, working with a professional agency can help make this process one that is simple, practical, and headache-free.

For more information on how to develop a comprehensive company brand strategy reach out to us here.

Our goal at Buchanan Brand + Design is to help make these processes as simple as possible for you. We want all business owners and entrepreneurs to have a brand that lasts and transcends economic calamity. The only way we have found to provide that to our clients is to work alongside them comprehensively and collaboratively. At Buchanan Brand + Design, we believe great brands are built from great relationships between a business and their branding agency partner. That is why when you choose to pursue a creative partnership with us, you get more than just our expertise. You get our commitment to the success and development of your company brand. Together, we can help you go beyond the brand in a post-pandemic society.


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