A Presentation on Brand Building, Marketing and Video Content

May 30, 2019 | buchanandesign

Bobby recently participated in a Corporate Alliance panel presentation to a group of business owners and professionals on the topic of marketing, brand building, and video content. He was joined by Greg Chapman of The Pocket CEO and Phil Ferrari of Ferrari Productions.

The presentation started with Greg reinforcing the importance of data gathering and strategic planning for the most effective results. It was refreshing to hear his point of view and more importantly the questions that came from the audience. The slide presentation was purposely light to encourage dialogue and answer specific questions from the audience. It was clear we had a few seasoned marketing professionals in the audience by the questions they asked which made the event even more informative. Greg comes from the advertising world so it was very easy for him to highlight the importance of following up strategic marketing with a great brand, that’s where Bobby took over. He shared the importance of process when building an effective brand and leveraged our DRIVE process to help illustrate how we approach a project, regardless of scope or industry. It’s what sets us apart from someone who may dive right into the layout phase without doing the important work before. It adds time but after 23 years in business, we know the results are much more effective and the work produced has more longevity. It’s also the only way to make sure that creative or brand strategy decisions are grounded in the process and not simply a personal point of view. Phil then presented on the importance of video in today’s marketing strategy. We agree that video is an important part of content building and plan on doing more of that ourselves. Bobby is never afraid of discussing the importance of brand strategy but it’s not easy to get him behind a camera. We may need to find a way to bribe him… maybe a trip to his favorite Thai restaurant after every video we produce.

The presentation was put together by Corporate Alliance with help from the speakers but we have had several requests by those who skipped taking notes to focus on the conversation. So we are making it available here. Enjoy!

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