When a Client Stops Being a Client, and Becomes Something More

May 25, 2016 | Buchanan

There is nothing more rewarding than having a great client and developing a strong relationship. Mutual respect for each other and for the work that each provides is a beautiful thing.

Such is my story with United Through Reading (UTR). What started as basic graphic design services over 18 years ago has blossomed into the type of client-partner relationship that my peers in the branding industry dream about. I’m privileged to be considered a trusted advisor for this organization while also providing design and branding services when requested.

United Through Reading is dedicated to uniting U.S. military families who face physical separation by facilitating the bonding experience of reading aloud together. One of the most difficult things that a child can experience is having a parent separated from them for an indeterminate period of time. United Through Reading helps ease the stress of separation for military families by having service members, who are separated from the children they love, read children’s books aloud on video for the child to watch at home.


The proven impact this program provides – in regards to connecting families, decreasing the stress caused by separation, and encouraging reading – is beyond impressive.

Because of UTR’s important work, the incredible team of individuals who run the program and deliver services to over 200 locations around the world, and my deep sense of family – it was almost inevitable that I would become passionate about this mission.

Tonight Buchanan Design and I are proud to be a sponsor for UTR’s Tribute to Military Families Gala in Washington, D.C. Honoring those who make a difference for military families, this event will be attended by military leadership from all branches, over 20 members of congress, and industry leaders from around the country.




I feel very privileged to sit on their national board of trustees, and equally honored to be a small part of this amazing organization.

– Charlie

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