A Thank You That Lasts For A Year

December 10, 2015 | buchanandesign

Perfect for a month dedicated to giving, we believe in thoughtful and personal gifts that thank friends and clients for their partnership and their business. A meaningful example of this sentiment is a 2016 calendar designed as a thank you for the donors of our nonprofit client, TEL HI Neighborhood Center.

TEL HI is an amazing organization dedicated to the growth and empowerment of their community in San Francisco since 1890. That’s over 125 years of dedication to people. Because of this, the calendar highlights every month with one of TEL HI’s many accomplishments. For example, in November, a small blurb describes TEL HI hosting an annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner. Varying fruits, vegetables, and flowers is a reflection of their diverse community. It’s also inspired by their most recent project. TEL HI successfully raised over $15,000 in two months to develop an Urban Teaching Garden that brings more nature into their urban community and more. You can learn more about their garden project here:

The 2016 calendar is a spiral bound collection of custom illustrations digitally printed on uncoated paper. It’s a token of appreciation that keeps giving throughout the year. It’s also the perfect monthly reminder of why it’s important to invest in this nonprofit.

If you’re like to learn more about TEL HI, please visit:

Buchanan Design - TEL HI 2016 Calendar - Lettuce - Cone Flower - January - February

Buchanan Design - TEL HI 2016 Calendar - Red Hot Chili Pepper - Artichoke - July - August

Click below to view all the illustrations in this 2016 calendar.

Buchanan Design - TEL HI 2016 Calendar - Mint Leaf - Fig Leaf - Leaves - November - December

Buchanan Design - TEL HI 2016 Calendar - Carrot - Strawberry - Strawberries - March - April

Buchanan Design - TEL HI 2016 Calendar - Green Pepper - Sunflower - May - June

Buchanan Design - TEL HI 2016 Calendar - Calla Lily - Lillies - Plum - September - October

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