The Advantages of Managed WordPress Hosting

October 12, 2015 | Joey Sadile

In the past few years, our studio has been working on an increasing number of WordPress sites. WordPress is a versatile Content Management System (CMS) with abundantly available plug-ins to add just about any functionality needed on a given website.

Typically, client specific budget and needs help determine which hosting solution is used for each WordPress site. However, due to instances of website attacks, compromised plug-ins, template update issues, and slow load speed, we have started to promote Managed WordPress Hosting solutions to our clients.

Managed WordPress Hosting is a hosting solution that is specifically designed for hosting WordPress sites. Unlike typical shared, VPS, or dedicated hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting providers such as WPEngine or Flywheel are WordPress specialists. This means that they not only gear the hosting to best serve WordPress, they also offer excellent WordPress support. Here are some key advantages to using Managed WordPress Hosting:

Because they are WordPress specialists, Managed WordPress Hosts are usually aware of the latest WordPress vulnerabilities. They will actively update the WordPress core files to better protect your site. Some actually ban the use of plug-ins known to compromise WordPress security – helping to secure both your site and the server your site sits on.

Managed WordPress Hosting servers are optimized for WordPress sites. They will often incorporate cache systems specifically designed to make WordPress load many times faster than on a regular hosting account.

Most Managed WordPress Hosts offer daily back-ups. Between the content, template files, and many plug-ins forming a WordPress site, there are a lot of moving parts. If a flaw, security hole, or new update to any of these moving parts causes your site to go haywire, it’s a great relief to be able to revert your site back a day before any issues occurred with your site.

Although typical hosts will allow you to host a WordPress site, not all will be able to give you support on issues specifically related to WordPress. Managed WordPress Hosts are staffed with individuals that are highly knowledgeable about the idiosyncracies involved with a WordPress site. This makes troubleshooting any issues with your WordPress site much faster.

Managed WordPress Hosting typically starts in the $30/month range – compared to $10/month for budget shared hosting. However, if your site is to get hacked on a basic server, the costs to clean up that hack could easily close the the gap on the pricing difference. Depending on your budget and needs of your WordPress site, Managed WordPress Hosting is definitely and option worth looking into.

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