Happy-Happy-Happy-Happy Poster Design

August 11, 2015 | buchanandesign

We just completed another round of posters for our office gallery. The theme this time around is Happy! Each of us tried to capture a bit of happiness on 18”x24” page. Do any of these posters make you happy? – be sure to like the one that appeals to you on our Facebook page. The designs with the most likes will be considered for production and possibly made available for purchase on


Thinking like a true kid at heart, my happy place surrounds me with giant cups of unlimited hot chocolate, never-melting ice cream and any-flavor-you-want cake. Inspired by my love for Disneyland and desserts, Happyland is a far away, floating city that’s powered by everything that makes me happy. What’s your ridiculous happy place? -Angiee


Food is a great excuse to reunite with friends, reminds me of childhood moments, and is one of the key ingredients in starting new family traditions. An aroma can instantly transport me to my nana’s kitchen or a meal experience somewhere in my travels. Food involves all the senses… especially for a designer. Looking back, I’ve been a foodie my entire life, but didn’t know it. -Bobby


I find happiness in riding bikes along the coast with my two kids. -Jason


Sometimes happiness comes in a simple form. Other times, it comes in form of a dancing electric fan-powered wind sock. -Joey

Poster Series, Studio Life

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