Introducing the new TEL HI

April 24, 2014 | buchanandesign

Today we introduced the new TEL HI logo to the world with the launch of their new site.

In this new logo, we incoporated a modern minimalistic version of the red house – an icon synonymous with the history of Telegraph Hill Neighbor Center and an integral part of the original logo. Along with streamlining the look, we streamlined the organization name. From the many years we have worked with this organization, we realized that most people know and refer to Telegraph Hill Neighborhood Center as “TEL HI”. In the new logo we have emphasized “TEL HI” and advised the organization to embrace the name of TEL HI brand wide – now using TEL HI to refer to the organization in all communications and even using as the URL for the new website.

The new website is a product of close collaboration with TEL HI. Out of the many conversations we had, we discovered that it was important to bring emphasis to the different programs, events, and news – as well as be visually engaging to the many different groups that the center interacts with. It was also apparent that the site needed to be built on a platform that would allow different users in the organization to easily make updates to various parts of the site.

We ended up with a very dynamic mobile-responsive site built in wordpress to allow the TEL HI team to make updates on the fly. Visually, we pulled in many vibrant colors and photos to reflect the diverse community involved with TEL HI. We also blocked off an area on each page to highlight the latest events, news, and advertising related to the individual page topic.

Visit the new site and take a look for yourself.

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