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May 3, 2013 | buchanandesign

Buchanan Design May 2013 - UCSD Alumni Celebration Invite

Just completed the invitation design for the UCSD Alumni Celebration black-tie event—this year’s theme is “Imagine More”. The selected concept begins with the simple words growing and expanding into a modern, organic pattern, creating an elegant and sophisticated invitation.

We started by flooding the sheet with a solid hit of black. We wanted to emphasize the title so we left the words in white with a gradient that fades to black just beyond the words. We then specified a soft touch aqueous coating that gave the piece a dull, velvety finish like the feel of smooth leather. The magic happens when the top layer is added in the form of a spot gloss coating over the name and the entire pattern that is not visible until this last layer is applied. UV techniques are created by applying a thin clear coating that is cured by UV light. The final product shows well in this photo, but the soft touch can only be experienced in person.


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