Heating it Up in the Studio

January 16, 2013 | buchanandesign


It is no secret that we like things on the spicy side here at Buchanan Design. When we eat out for lunch, its common for us to end up at a Thai restaurant and even more common for Bobby to request the supplementary “spice tray” from where ever we’re eating.

So when we found out that today, January 16th, was International Hot & Spicy Food Day – we jumped at the excuse to consume some mouth-burning delectables.

The menu included:
Hot Wings (of course)
Spicy Thai Fried Rice (with pineapple & cashews)
Ryan’s Famous Jalapeno Poppers
Chipotle Buttermilk Dressing (with salad)
Assorted International Hot Sauces


Despite the chilly weather, there was some sweat to be found on foreheads (and one or two spice induced runny noses). However, we are proud to say not one glass of milk was consumed the whole day!


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