Fall back!

November 5, 2012 | buchanandesign

the FALL poster series is up in the office—just in time for the changing of leaves and the smell of pumpkin pie.
we have always produced the posters to keep the creative juices flowing and to see how each one of us interprets the theme, in this case FALL.
however, we added a competitive twist to this series by agreeing to post them on facebook at the end of the season and allowing our friends and followers to “like” their favorite.
this is a competitive group but we all agreed to not cheat and hint out which poster belonged to who… until i need more votes that is.

look for the post on our facebook page in late november or early december when we are into winter and brainstorming on the poster theme for Q1. maybe we will use facebook to help us decide that too.

Poster Series

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