Jammin’ with BlackBerry

September 28, 2012 | buchanandesign

The opportunity to work on branding a BlackBerry global campaign was exciting from the start. They wanted to establish a brand look for a campaign aimed specifically at the developer community to coincide with the launch of the BlackBerry 10 platform. RIM (parent company name) came in with the campaign name, Jam, a fun play on collaborating and working together. The name extended into four areas, BlackBerry 10 Jam (identifying conferences around the globe), Jam Zone (website exclusively for developers), Jam Sessions (for all events outside of conference), and Jam Space (regional offices throughout the globe exclusively for developers).

Everything we created would be used around the world, so there was great emphasis on creating guidelines that could be interpreted in many languages and reproduced anywhere in the world by a regional team. The campaign was scheduled to premiere in San Jose, California.

We started by presenting design concepts that were unique on their own and also complemented the existing BlackBerry brand. Anything we did was reviewed by the global brand team, it took a couple rounds but soon one of the concepts stood out among the rest. Most likely because we integrated the BlackBerry gradients into the selected designs in a way that they had not ever explored, it looked fresh and different.

We were also very respectful of the massive amount of black used, as this too is a key brand element for BlackBerry. Once we proved that we would be respectful of their brand we instantly picked up the speed of the project. The final BlackBerry Jam brand manual is 23 pages of brand guidelines, approved graphics, and strict no-no’s. Once the manual left our hands, it was circulated around the globe and I’m excited to see all the imagery that comes back.

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