Canter Companies: Before & After

August 2, 2012 | buchanandesign

Andrew Canter came to us with a simple request, update their corporate branding and identity, to better reflect their business today and future strategic goals. It was obvious to see that a new brand image would be needed, followed by a stationery system, print collateral look, and website designs. I say website designs because Canter Companies has grown to represent several corporate divisions; each offering something unique to the real estate industry.

After developing a creative design brief and several discussions on identity development and brand positioning, our graphic designers began creating a new brand. Here was the general design challenge: Canter offers a variety of professional services within the real estate industry, but at the core, the company thrives on taking nothing and turning it into something great. So, our designers wanted to create a logo that communicated that concept. After sketching and exploring a variety of corporate branding directions, I took a simple piece of paper and began to experiment with letter shapes.

It wasn’t long before the “Aha!” moment presented itself and well, the new Canter logo was born. There will be more to come; we plan to share the new case study on Canter in our portfolio soon. Here’s a sneak peek:


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