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April 4, 2012 | buchanandesign

Today marked the soft launch of the new Imaging Healthcare Specialists (IHS) website.

We have been working with IHS since it was first created with the merge of RMG and Open MRI Centers. Through our creative design efforts we helped develop the Imaging Healthcare Specialists brand and guided it through the transition of two previous companies merging to stand alone on its own.

Reflective of their needs at the time, we designed their original site as a “brochure” site – a site composed of mainly static information and links. At the time our role was strictly initial design – we mainly worked to give the site an IHS branded look – and the site was handed over to a IHS-selected programmer to manage. However, over time the needs of the site grew – it was passed to a couple different programmers and more and more functionality was added. Unfortunately, as the new features were added and the scope of the site grew, the design of the site began to suffer – it became a patchwork of new and old pages and lacked a cohesive design logic in the newly added details. We were called back in on the project to manage the site and apply design “band-aids”, but it was becoming painfully apparent that the new site needs had outgrown its original design.

After many conversations with the various department heads at IHS, we were given the go ahead to develop a new site. We were tasked with developing a new site that not only incorporated newly needed functionality, but was also user friendly, easily updatable and expandable. We compared programmer and content management platform options according to costs and ultimately the needs of IHS. Unlike with the first site, we were given the role of both designer and coordinator. Because of this, we were better able to take direct feedback from IHS and incorporate it in our design and make sure it was properly addressed in the programming.

The resulting site is simple, easy to navigate, dynamic and can be easily updated. You can view the results at


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