The Middle [Wo]Man

March 1, 2012 | buchanandesign

Hewitt Marketing came to us for a new logo and brand definition. The company specializes in building positive relations between a developer or builder and the city or community. It’s a sensitive position because each party is coming to the table with a very specific want, but in the end, there will have to be compromise in order to make anything happen. The developer is instantly the “bad guy” and the residents the “victims”. I see this relationship a little differently and believe that we can’t stop progress, but we can influence the final outcome.

We started by recommending that we brand them only as Hewitt. The word “marketing” implies a very different service and was instantly perceived as a “sell” by any given community. They understood and agreed that this would be a very smart move for the company. After presenting several logo concepts, Hewitt selected my personal favorite. The mark is a letter H made from 2 speech bubbles— one from each side of the table with Hewitt leading the communications to ensure the best possible outcome for everyone involved.


Here is what Lenette Hewitt had to say about working with Buchanan Design:

“I would like to thank you for the great job you did on the branding for my new company. The time and effort you put into really understanding my business and translating that into my logo showcases your high level of design excellence.”
-Lenette Hewitt

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