Refining the Brand Focus

February 21, 2012 | buchanandesign

It’s always a pleasure working with a company that trusts us to do the very best by them. This was very true with Genesis Healthcare Partners–a specialized group of doctors who are offering the highest level of urological medicine combined with personal private practice service. for any patient, it’s the very best of both worlds, especially when the diagnosis requires extensive treatments or surgical options. They came to us with an existing logo and after working with them for a few months, we proposed a change to something that we felt would have a stronger brand focus within their industry. It was a bit of a shock at first but they agreed after hearing the reasons for our request. So we embarked on designing a logo that immediately said healthcare and more importantly conveyed a personal and approachable image.

The new logo was created by interlocking 4 stylized G’s. The interlocking shapes represented the variety of highly trained doctors and services offered and it also created the universal symbol for healthcare. We also dropped the word “Partners” to reinforce a single entity with a strong company brand. The unveiling of the new logo will happen over the next few weeks, but so far it has received many positive accolades.

While not every company needs a new logo, it’s important to look at your current logo “objectively” to ensure that it continues to reinforce a clear brand promise.


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