‘Tis The Season Gallery

December 6, 2011 | buchanandesign

Today we put up our very first Seasonal Poster Gallery for Winter.

About a month ago we decided to start a poster gallery in our office for each new season. For each gallery each of us would interpret the season as a poster using any art medium. In addition, each person would get a color, from a seasonal palette, that they would emphasize in their poster.

For this Winter Gallery, we chose pantone 551, 3025, 877, and 731 as our palette. For those of you who are not designers, these colors equate to a Sky Blue, a Deep Teal, a Silver and a Chocolate Brown. We threw the colors in a hat and each of us drew one. Ryan took on the Sky Blue, Bobby took on the Deep Teal, I (Joey) had Silver and Angiee was left with the Chocolate Brown.

If you find yourself at our studio, be sure to take a look at the posters in person. They will only be up for a few months as the Spring Gallery is just around the corner.


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