September 23, 2011 | buchanandesign

So most people may find this hard to believe, but i’ve never (really) been to Vegas. I was there a couple years back for a day meeting, but I flew in and flew out without exploring any part of vegas. I stayed at the MGM Grand and apparently came in and out through the back entrance because I never saw the lions…. So when it was time to brainstorm places for our annual retreat, Vegas seemed like a good place to visit. Ryan suggested it because he heard about the Neon Sign Museum and thought it would be the perfect eye candy for a group of designers. We flew out early on Wednesday and got to Vegas before 8am. Picked up a rental car and we headed straight to the Bellagio, Joey’s suggestion for a buffet breakfast with what he called the “best” bread pudding. It was good. After that we headed over to the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, some of you may know it as Pawn Stars the reality show. Didn’t see any of the characters, they had wrapped up filming earlier in the morning but it was still fun to walk around. Then, we hit the mother load a block down the road, this place was full of antiques and vintage junk, I mean cool stuff. I found 4 new items for the orange collection, sweet!

After that we headed to the Neon Museum, highly recommend it to any designer going to vegas. Be sure to schedule ahead. Tons of photos and tons of water, it was hot. Next stop Caesar’s palace where we stopped for a round of roulette (my first time), window shopping underground, and a stop for chocolate. Our day was topped off with dinner at Bobby Flay’s restaurant MESA Grill. By the time we arrived back at the airport we all felt like we had been in Vegas for 3 days, when in fact we had arrived early the same morning. so that means we packed a lot into a day and I enjoyed hanging out with the BD crew.



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