September 19, 2011 | buchanandesign

Today is the first day of Prostate Cancer Awareness Week and Genesis Healthcare Partners asked us to develop a campaign to increase the awareness and importance of prostate cancer screening for men over 40.

I initially thought this would have to be a very institutional campaign, but after doing some research, we realized bold and eye catching would allow Genesis to stand out among some great national organizations who are also getting the word out.

The first step was the campaign theme, after much discussion, we settled on Check It. It worked as a headline and strong call to action. Although not worn by every male, we created a “Tighty-Whitey” icon and paired that with the perfect campaign hero shot—5 guys in their underwear. The photo immediately demands attention and reinforces the alarming statistic that 1 in 5 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. We wanted the campaign to erase any embarrassment or stigma around a prostate exam, based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback, I think we did just that. Oh, and for the guys over 40 reading this, please CHECK IT. It’s important.



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