January 12, 2011 | buchanandesign


Wow, so much to pack into a day. I woke up to hugs and kisses from my Darcy and the kids. Cassidy painted an amazing orange square frame with the BD logo in silver, what an artist she’s blossoming to be. Ryan walked in with a homemade chocolate cake with the BD logo made out of silver sprinkles, a huge thank you to Jennell Skinner for her delicious treat. Lunch was a first-time place for us called Bud’s Louisiana Cafe and it was absolutely delicious. First time eating catfish and i’m sure we will make it back there many times in the future. During lunch I opened my present from the guys and it was a custom (one-of-a-kind) t-shirt with what else, 111 on the front. We’ll skip the coffee that fell on my head and all over the office kitchen in the afternoon…. I came home to more presents and an original guitar solo by Colby. I was truly impressed with how well he’s learning the guitar and I could not be more proud. And lets not forget the MANY facebook postings and emails from friends and family. Thank you everyone for making this day so special!

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