Oh, Canada!

July 1, 2010 | buchanandesign

canada In the spirit of Canada Day (and of stuffing our faces) – we all thought it would be highly appropriate to cook up some Canadian bacon, eggs-n-cheddar, and maple bars (okay, we didn’t make those, but Joey totally could have if he wanted to). The eggs were a sight to behold, as Bobby artfully griddled them in the office and garnished them with handpicked chives from his very own garden. No pesticides!

Joey, who wins the Buchanan Design Spirit Award for today, even wore thematic clothing and invented a new Canadian-inspired treat. Want to add a little artery-clogging to your breakfast? Try “Joey’s Maple Bar Canadian Bacon Sandwich”–it’ll be sure to get your blood flowing a little more laboriously. All that grease really got our creative gears in motion, accompanied by some Canadian-born tunes rocking the stereo.

Talk aboot a great way to start the day!


Food, Studio Life

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