Lunch Heroics

June 15, 2010 | buchanandesign

bobbyb1 So yesterday we all went out for lunch at Sushi Deli 3. On our way back to the office I was suffering from a major food coma and I had a serious vision problem, I couldn’t see myself working the rest of the day. But Bobby on the other hand was sharp as a tack!

After devouring his tempura shrimp platter and 2 gyoza’s he wasn’t phased, being impaired behind the wheel is not how he rolls. He began to navigate through the Kearny Mesa streets and out of nowhere an errant car pulled out of a side street headed straight for us!

In a split second Bobby maneuvered with brilliance, a slalom swerve to the left and quickly back to the right. As Joey, Terri and I shrieked in fear Bobby was still focused at the task at hand … getting us back to the office in one piece!

We are at work today because of Bobby’s heroics and this day is dedicated to our very own Bobby B, Driving Legend, Speed Racer, Life Saver!


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