Memorable Impressions

March 17, 2010 | buchanandesign


As a studio, we constantly look for design solutions that help our clients stand out and make a memorable impression. I’m talking about pieces that have depth, texture, interest, detail, and design “nuggets” that engage the recipient and continues to do so even after they first received it. A piece that calls you back and says “i’m still here” and really does a fantastic job at it.

We just received an early copy of 1000 More Graphic Elements which will be available in stores world-wide in the coming weeks. In this book, we were honored to see several of our projects in full page spreads and large caption images. The collection of work in this book speaks to the heart of why we do what we do. It’s the kind of book that any graphic designer can spend hours/days just taking it all in.

We haven’t notified our clients about the recognition yet, but i know they will be thrilled to see that our quest for “attention to detail” is being recognized and presented to the world as a symbol of great design to an industry filled with so many talented designers.

This news also brings a smile to my face because i truly believe that print offers something that multimedia can’t— the ability to “touch”. In a world filled with millions of daily eblasts, it’s nice to see that a well crafted piece can offer something that is quite unique. For designers out there, this is a must have book!



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