It’s a Boy…. Actually 2 Boys

March 10, 2010 | buchanandesign


There must have been something in the water last spring because both Joey and Ryan received beautiful baby boys this winter.

Ryan and Jennell welcomed their second son, Hudson Douglas Skinner (big brother Rowen). Joey and Jessica welcomed their first son, Jose Raon Sadile III (better known as #3).

It makes me feel like the old guy with 3 kids (and done). It was great hearing the stories throughout the pregnancies and now the conversations about the types of diapers (regular vs. recycle), doctor visits, and how much purell to carry around for anyone coming within inches of their little ones. I must admit, we were a lot more delicate with our first too.

It’s great to share life with everyone in the studio and we make a very solid effort to make our work time feel like an extension of our home time. Of course, we don’t have to store the piles of diapers or deal with them once they have done their “duty”, get what i’m saying…..

Congratulations Ryan and Joey!!


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