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January 22, 2010 | buchanandesign


The holidays are behind us and it’s time to focus on several new Buchanan Design initiatives in 2010. One of those is a new booklet titled WHAT MAKES A BRAND WORK? WORK. We wanted to produce a piece that breaks down the various components of branding into simple and easy to understand information.

Many people will say that they understand what branding is, the reality is that most don’t. At least not fully. So what ends up happening is that everyone uses the “branding” word as if it was the cure for all things design and marketing. You can take a bad logo and do a great job of branding. You can take a great logo and do a poor job of branding. The word may have started with identifying cows, but it has come a long way and continues to evolve. The reality is that branding takes work. Much of that work involves having talent, intuition, and experience.

We are passionate about branding and understand that it takes lots of hard work to do it right. Some say we make it look easy but the reality is that we work hard every day to do it “right”.

The booklet will be ready next week but you can get a sneak peak online at


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