Scared to do dishes!

July 31, 2009 | buchanandesign

Everyone in the office is scared to do dishes.

About two weeks ago I walked into the office and could hear Bobby and Ryan conspiring in the kitchen. Curious, I walked in and the two went quiet and then Bobby said softly to Ryan “Let’s have Joey do it!”

“Do what?”, I asked.

Bobby pointed to the sink and told me to touch the water with my finger as it ran. He was clearly up to something, but I was curious and obliged… nothing happened. I looked at them and asked “What!?” They both looked confused but eager. Bobby returned with the suggestion to touch the sink with the other hand while I touch the water.

My finger immediately started to tingle and I jerked it away from the water. Bobby and Ryan giggled like two school kids in the back of the classroom. Yeah. I got shocked from the sink!

Apparently, there is a crossed wire in our water heater under the sink that sends a small current through the hot water. So everytime you try to do dishes, you get shocked!

So far, the electrician cannot find a cause and the plumber has not showed up to replace the heater. Needless to say, the dishes have been piling up at Buchanan Design.


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