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The Advantages of Managed WordPress Hosting

October 12, 2015 | buchanandesign


In the past few years, our studio has been working on an increasing number of WordPress sites. WordPress is a versatile Content Management System (CMS) with abundantly available plug-ins to add just about any functionality needed on a given website.

Typically, client specific budget and needs help determine which hosting solution is used for each WordPress site. However, due to instances of website attacks, compromised plug-ins, template update issues, and slow load speed, we have started to promote Managed WordPress Hosting solutions to our clients.

Managed WordPress Hosting is a hosting solution that is specifically designed for hosting WordPress sites. Unlike typical shared, VPS, or dedicated hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting providers such as WPEngine or Flywheel are WordPress specialists. This means that they not only gear the hosting to best serve WordPress, they also offer excellent WordPress support. Here are some key advantages to using Managed WordPress Hosting:

Because they are WordPress specialists, Managed WordPress Hosts are usually aware of the latest WordPress vulnerabilities. They will actively update the WordPress core files to better protect your site. Some actually ban the use of plug-ins known to compromise WordPress security – helping to secure both your site and the server your site sits on.

Managed WordPress Hosting servers are optimized for WordPress sites. They will often incorporate cache systems specifically designed to make WordPress load many times faster than on a regular hosting account.

Most Managed WordPress Hosts offer daily back-ups. Between the content, template files, and many plug-ins forming a WordPress site, there are a lot of moving parts. If a flaw, security hole, or new update to any of these moving parts causes your site to go haywire, it’s a great relief to be able to revert your site back a day before any issues occurred with your site.

Although typical hosts will allow you to host a WordPress site, not all will be able to give you support on issues specifically related to WordPress. Managed WordPress Hosts are staffed with individuals that are highly knowledgeable about the idiosyncracies involved with a WordPress site. This makes troubleshooting any issues with your WordPress site much faster.

Managed WordPress Hosting typically starts in the $30/month range – compared to $10/month for budget shared hosting. However, if your site is to get hacked on a basic server, the costs to clean up that hack could easily close the the gap on the pricing difference. Depending on your budget and needs of your WordPress site, Managed WordPress Hosting is definitely and option worth looking into.

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Introducing the new TEL HI

April 24, 2014 | buchanandesign

Today we introduced the new TEL HI logo to the world with the launch of their new site.

In this new logo, we incoporated a modern minimalistic version of the red house – an icon synonymous with the history of Telegraph Hill Neighbor Center and an integral part of the original logo. Along with streamlining the look, we streamlined the organization name. From the many years we have worked with this organization, we realized that most people know and refer to Telegraph Hill Neighborhood Center as “TEL HI”. In the new logo we have emphasized “TEL HI” and advised the organization to embrace the name of TEL HI brand wide – now using TEL HI to refer to the organization in all communications and even using as the URL for the new website.

The new website is a product of close collaboration with TEL HI. Out of the many conversations we had, we discovered that it was important to bring emphasis to the different programs, events, and news – as well as be visually engaging to the many different groups that the center interacts with. It was also apparent that the site needed to be built on a platform that would allow different users in the organization to easily make updates to various parts of the site.

We ended up with a very dynamic mobile-responsive site built in wordpress to allow the TEL HI team to make updates on the fly. Visually, we pulled in many vibrant colors and photos to reflect the diverse community involved with TEL HI. We also blocked off an area on each page to highlight the latest events, news, and advertising related to the individual page topic.

Visit the new site and take a look for yourself.

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Introducing Pacific Arts Movement

November 1, 2012 | buchanandesign

Today is the start of the 13th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival. Aside from being a big fan of asian cinema, I am extra excited for this festival as it will be the first that the San Diego Asian Film Foundation will be hosting under their new name and identity: Pacific Arts Movement.

Earlier this year, Lee Ann Kim of the San Diego Asian Film Foundation came to us to help them develop a new website and identity, as Pacific Arts Movement.

In developing the new identity for Pacific Arts Movement, we tried to capture the essence of the organization by representing a few key elements…

Coming Together:
At its heart, this logo represents the idea of many converging as one. This reflects the idea of many countries, cultures, art forms, ideas, and people that are brought together at the many events and experiences created by the Pacific Arts Movement.

On the surface, the flowing organic shape of the logo illustrates the “pacific”. However, the shape is really meant to represent not only that Pacific Arts Movement showcases are in constant change and also that they work to spark growth and change in the individuals that encounter them.

The logo also works as a stylized infinity symbol. This represents Pacific Arts Movement’s constant movement forward – reaching to involve and represent more cultures and to facilitate the future of film by constantly seeking out the newest films and supporting the development of tomorrow’s film makers.


For the website, we opted for a clean, modern look (mixed with some custom illustration) to match the personality of the organization. We paired this look with an easy to use content management system so that updates could be made on the fly by multiple users in the organization. The result is a visually engaging site that lives and breaths with constant content updates.

View the site and logo at

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The New IHS Website

April 4, 2012 | admin

Today marked the soft launch of the new Imaging Healthcare Specialists (IHS) website.

We have been working with IHS since it was first created with the merge of RMG and Open MRI Centers. Through our creative design efforts we helped develop the Imaging Healthcare Specialists brand and guided it through the transition of two previous companies merging to stand alone on its own.

Reflective of their needs at the time, we designed their original site as a “brochure” site – a site composed of mainly static information and links. At the time our role was strictly initial design – we mainly worked to give the site an IHS branded look – and the site was handed over to a IHS-selected programmer to manage. However, over time the needs of the site grew – it was passed to a couple different programmers and more and more functionality was added. Unfortunately, as the new features were added and the scope of the site grew, the design of the site began to suffer – it became a patchwork of new and old pages and lacked a cohesive design logic in the newly added details. We were called back in on the project to manage the site and apply design “band-aids”, but it was becoming painfully apparent that the new site needs had outgrown its original design.

After many conversations with the various department heads at IHS, we were given the go ahead to develop a new site. We were tasked with developing a new site that not only incorporated newly needed functionality, but was also user friendly, easily updatable and expandable. We compared programmer and content management platform options according to costs and ultimately the needs of IHS. Unlike with the first site, we were given the role of both designer and coordinator. Because of this, we were better able to take direct feedback from IHS and incorporate it in our design and make sure it was properly addressed in the programming.

The resulting site is simple, easy to navigate, dynamic and can be easily updated. You can view the results at


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HELLOween Mixer

October 31, 2011 | admin

If you’re office is in an office building like ours, you know what it’s like when you walk by someone who looks familiar but you don’t know why. It could be on the way to the restroom, in the parking lot, or maybe at a local restaurant during lunch. Well, we decided to shake things up a bit by creating a get-to-know-you mixer. It was originally focused on networking the various talents within our building, but we knew it would be more social. We created a great visual identity for the event and placed that on flyers, posters, and eblasts. The idea was to carve a pumpkin to represent your business and bring it to the event for the contest portion. I was so impressed with the diversity and effort that everyone put in.

Both Joey and Ryan produced a unique masterpiece, we decided to submit Joey’s because it had a few more bells and whistles… The ultimate winner would be determined by everyone coming to the mixer. The building owner liked the idea so much that they added a tenant appreciation component by providing great food and prizes. It turned out to be a very successful event.

So who won first place….. well, Buchanan Design of course. But honestly the competition was really great. Hoping this will become an annual event!


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The New

September 20, 2011 | admin

It’s official, has a “NEW LOOK” and is no longer a flash site. It feels like yesterday when we were all excited to launch our previous site but lots has changed in a couple years.

We needed to keep up with technology and the many types of mobile devices out there. We also wanted a website that we can update regularly with the latest case studies for everyone to see.

While this project may seem like an easy task for a branding and design firm, I’m here to tell you that it wasn’t. Everything from colors to layout and navigation to content was debated before execution.

Detour Photography shot all of the images, including video for our “Office Culture Reel”. This was our first video endeavor and I’m really proud of the results.

Take a look and let us know what you think… even constructive criticism (except getting rid of the orange) as we see a website as an ever-evolving communication tool.



Sweet Site

January 31, 2011 | Buchanan Design

jan2011_dallmann Today is the official launch of the new Dallmann Confections Website. Isabella Valencia is the owner and chief chocolatier of the San Diego based company. Isabella comes from Austria with a three-generation family history of fine confectioners.

A few months ago, Isabella asked us to update her e-commerce site and give it a “fresh”design look that compliments her unique and artfully crafted chocolates and maintaining a connection to her old-world Austrian family tradition.

We took on the challenge by modernizing her logo and giving it a stronger classic connection to the signage of her family’s shop in Austria. We also incorporated additional design elements in the site based off of architectural and design details from her home town. To add in a modern touch, we developed a new color palette and enlisted the help of Detour Photography to create truly stunning images featuring the star of the site—the chocolate. Check out the site at the link below. And while your at it, be sure to order some of Isabella’s amazing truffles – Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!