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Exciting changes at Buchanan Design

January 13, 2016 | buchanandesign


As we enter a new year filled with new possibilities, I want to share some of our excitement for the future of Buchanan Design.

My philosophy has always been, if you’re making the effort to do something important – don’t compromise – make the investment and do it right. Don’t wing it and certainly don’t blindly throw spaghetti on the wall to see what sticks. Sure, in some cases trial and error leads to innovation… but branding success is at its best when planned, strategized, and creatively executed.

With this in mind, I’m excited to share some of the efforts we’re making this year – all geared to ensure we are providing the most creative and strategically effective services and experience possible.

For some time, I have contemplated the evolution of Buchanan Design and how we can continue to provide top-quality creative branding services and also become a more valued partner to our clients. The answer is simple. With a deep passion for design as the given, we will begin to dive deeper into brand and marketing strategy, offer more brand voice and copywriting expertise, and implement a new creative process that will excite and deliver results for both existing and new clients.

To assist us, I’m thrilled to announce the addition of Charlie Van Vechten to our team. Charlie is an industry veteran with over 25 years of experience running his own brand agency. He is a great creative thinker, strategist, and respected for his abilities to grow a company and bring operational efficiency to ensure success. I am excited to have someone of Charlie’s caliber join me in leading Buchanan Design towards a very bright future.


Learn more about Charlie and his accomplishments >>

I’d love to hear your thoughts about our growth and service enhancements, and discuss how this will benefit you. Let’s grab a coffee.

Bobby Buchanan

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Using Paint and Concept to Help a Cause

October 17, 2014 | buchanandesign

Earlier this month we were approached by LINK, an AIGA San Diego program that brings the arts to high school students, to customize a “Foomi” vinyl doll for their fundraising event.
We were honored to have been selected along with other influential designers and artists from Southern California.

It was the perfect opportunity to bring out the paints and brushes, although, staring at a perfectly white doll can be intimidating…
A true team collaboration and love of the color orange inspired the creation of our little “Fishi” doll. We hope “Fishi” will help raise lots of money for such a great program.

To learn more about Art Links Us, click here

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Welcome Jason!

June 12, 2014 | buchanandesign

Welcome Jason Alfonso, June 2014

Now that Ryan is focusing all his time between San Francisco and San Diego behind the lens, we set out to find a new designer to join the BD team. After countless resumes and portfolio reviews, Jason stood out and is now calling Buchanan Design home. We think of ourselves as a work family, so bringing someone new takes time and careful consideration.

Jason graduated from SDSU, spent his first 3+ years at a local design firm, followed by 3+ years at The New Children’s Museum. Ironically, he spent his latest years working with The New Children’s Museum logo that we created in 2008. It was meant to be and we’re super excited to have him here.

Read what Jason said about becoming part of Buchanan Design:

I’m honored to become a part of the Buchanan Design family. I have always admired the studio’s sense of design and considered them as one of the places where I would like to work and to collaborate. Throughout my experience as a graphic designer, I have found fulfillment in getting to know each unique client and helping them establish a meaningful and memorable connection to their audience. My inspiration is fueled by my wife and two kids. As a family, we value and embrace creativity and community. In our home, we have a dance floor that takes up more than half of our downstairs. The dedicated space provides my kids, their dance crew and even the neighborhood kids a place to practice and explore the art of B-boying, commonly known as Breakdancing. Together we are actively involved in a non-profit organization, We Got Next, that promotes positivity to today’s youth through the culture of Hip-hop.

I look forward to sharing my passion in design and creativity at Buchanan Design and to the people they serve in the years to come.

Jason Alfonso

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Saying Goodbye

May 22, 2014 | buchanandesign

This spring, we happily took in another SDSU student as one of our interns. There’s never a shortage of talented designers from our favorite alma mater. For only a handful of months, Dana tackled quite a bit of projects which ranged from developing a logo for an elementary school book publisher to helping us stencil a large leaf repeatedly on our studio’s new inspiration wall. We look forward to seeing her grow as a professional graphic designer.

Read what Dana thought about her experience with us:

I am so thankful that I was given the opportunity to intern for Buchanan Design. I loved the creative vibe of the studio and everyone there was so nice and welcoming. It was a great learning experience. I was able to take part in and witness the amount of work that goes into a new project. The research, the brainstorming, the meetings, then bringing all of the ideas to the table and coming up with the best possible way to approach it. They really work hard to make a brand work! I had a great time and am honored to have had an internship with Buchanan Design. Thank you so much to Bobby, Angie, Joey, and Jason!

Dana Quiambao

Intern Dana Quiambao

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The Bright-Eyed Intern

May 15, 2013 | buchanandesign

Buchanan Design May 2013 Intern Adolfo Perez

For the past 3 months, we had the pleasure of working with our recent intern Adolfo Perez. We had absolute fun getting to know Adolfo while he worked on several projects for the studio. Adolfo only has one more year left at San Diego State before he storms the “real world”. Watch out for him! We look forward to his bright future ahead. Read what he had to say about working with Buchanan Design below:

I feel that I was very blessed to have had the opportunity to intern at Buchanan Design. It was my first experience with the working world of design and I loved every second of it. I learned a lot. I felt that the warm and friendly ambience of the studio really helped me integrate with the rest of the team. I loved the fact that Bobby put a strong emphasis on designers being communicators that solve brand’s communication problems and help that brand grow in value. I want to thank Bobby, Joey and Angiee for showing me the ropes, being supportive, and for being great friends and mentors. It was a great experience, my friends.


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Game On!

April 12, 2013 | buchanandesign


As we say goodbye to last year’s seasonal series, we switched it up this season to have fun with toys and games. Our graphic designers had fun representing their favorite one! We chose the brightest of color swatches: red (Pantone 1795), yellow (Pantone 109), blue (Pantone 3005), and green (Pantone 355).

In honor of our new competitive twist to determine official office bragging rights, I can no longer share with you who’s who. So, if you lead mini battles with tiny green men, you spend hours escaping piranha plants, you enjoy driving friends into bankruptcy, or maybe, you are one of the ultimate ping pong masters, please take a moment to “Like” your favorite poster on our Facebook page. Keep an eye on our page to discover the winner for this season.

Don’t forget that you are always welcome to drop by our design studio and to see these playful gems up close before the next season!


Toy Soldier Buchanan Design Spring 2013 Poster Design Series

Super Mario Brothers video game Buchanan Design Spring 2013 Poster Design Series

Ping Pong Buchanan Design Spring 2013 Poster Design Series

Monopoly board game Buchanan Design Spring 2013 Poster Design Series

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I got the beat!

January 14, 2013 | buchanandesign

Birthday Tiramisu for Bobby - Buchanan Design
i have to say this year’s gift took me completely by surprise… i was given the option to pick the spot for lunch, had to go with smashburger, and that of course wasn’t a surprise.

joey and jessica made a tiramisu cake, and while it was a slight surprise, i don’t think it’s a secret how much i like tiramisu. but then it was time to open my present… lots of orange tissue, followed by a very cool custom card with what would be the first clue on the front, and then a square flat box—surprise, a practice drum pad!

Practice drum pad with custom painted drum sticks - Buchanan Design

i’m sure it was the constant banging of pens, sticks, rulers, tubes, etc. against every possible surface throughout the studio that gave them this cool gift idea. i started to beat the drum with my hand like a bongo and they said, “reach in, there’s more”—and there they were, custom painted drum sticks to complete the set. i was NOT expecting this but i must say that it’s one of the most memorable gifts to date. i put it on a stand and took it home for the weekend, the boys loved it too. the house rocked every time one of us walked by the mini makeshift drum set. don’t expect me to join a band, but i do feel pretty cool having my own custom pair of drum sticks!

Bobby The Drummer Boy - Buchanan Design

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Destination For Good

July 6, 2012 | admin

everyone enjoys a great vacation with the family, i know i do, but typically, we don’t think about using vacation time to give back. perhaps it’s because we think of vacation as a reward for “us” or we simply want to relax and get away from it all… well, my vacation planning process changed after getting a call from Marie, who, along with her husband Mike and four children, asked if we would create a new brand identity for her new non-profit called Destination4Good. their model for D4G was to dedicate a portion of one’s vacation to helping those less fortunate in the area. this could be in the form of school supplies, soccer balls, or just spending time to focus on others.

while they did travel to some remote areas that had visible needs, i think this model can be applied to a road trip, visiting family two states over, or even in a tropical paradise, by volunteering some of your time at a food bank or community event. the truly special part about the D4G model is that it connects families with individuals in need and the experiences impact the local community and the family giving back. our design studio enjoyed developing their brand image and wish the organization much success in the years to come. -b

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The Brightest Season

June 25, 2012 | admin

It’s shining a little brighter in our design studio with our new round of seasonal posters marking the summer. Our graphic designers hand-picked Pantone colors 563 (teal), 151 (orange), 123 (yellow), and 631 (aqua). These vibrant color swatches were randomly drawn from a hat by Bobby, Joey, Angiee (me), and Ryan.

While Joey, Ryan, and I celebrate the summer cooling off with cold treats and a water gun, you’ll find Bobby saying aloha to Maui, a favorite summertime getaway.

Take a look below or drop by our design studio to catch our summer graphic design posters close up until September.


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AIGA Leadership Retreat: Salt Lake City

May 29, 2012 | buchanandesign

Just returned from a fantastic AIGA Leadership retreat in Salt Lake City, Utah. I’m always excited to visit a new city, primarily for the food, but also for the culture. Salt Lake City was expansive; it was friendly, it was historic, and it was a lot of fun. Most of the fun came from the variety of creative personalities that gather from AIGA chapters throughout the country, 66 total dedicated to graphic design and visual communication.

This was a particularly exciting year because I went to the AIGA event as an incoming president for San Diego. I felt that I needed to focus more and make a big effort to meet and mingle with other presidents.

One of the best parts of visiting  a new city is taking a run early in the morning and really getting to know the streets. In this case, I ran to the capital building and asked a tourist to take my picture as a proof to my wife, Darcy, that I really did run. I’m bringing back many great ideas. I am also enthusiastic about stepping into the role of President of AIGA San Diego. Here’s a shot from my hotel room, what a view!


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