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Cinco de Mayo

May 5, 2014 | buchanandesign


Today we headed to the grill to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Bobby cooked up some of his signature carne asada and guacamole to make some great tacos. We finished off the meal with a round of Mojito-ritas. It was a great way to kick off what will hopefully be a summer of office grilling.


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Just Desserts

August 27, 2013 | buchanandesign

Our latest poster gallery features something that we obsess over here at Buchanan Design: Dessert. We chose a creamy, fruity, chocolatey color scheme for our largest poster gallery yet. You can see the results below. If you haven’t already, vote for your favorite by “liking” it on our facebook page.







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Heating it Up in the Studio

January 16, 2013 | buchanandesign


It is no secret that we like things on the spicy side here at Buchanan Design. When we eat out for lunch, its common for us to end up at a Thai restaurant and even more common for Bobby to request the supplementary “spice tray” from where ever we’re eating.

So when we found out that today, January 16th, was International Hot & Spicy Food Day – we jumped at the excuse to consume some mouth-burning delectables.

The menu included:
Hot Wings (of course)
Spicy Thai Fried Rice (with pineapple & cashews)
Ryan’s Famous Jalapeno Poppers
Chipotle Buttermilk Dressing (with salad)
Assorted International Hot Sauces


Despite the chilly weather, there was some sweat to be found on foreheads (and one or two spice induced runny noses). However, we are proud to say not one glass of milk was consumed the whole day!


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I got the beat!

January 14, 2013 | buchanandesign

Birthday Tiramisu for Bobby - Buchanan Design
i have to say this year’s gift took me completely by surprise… i was given the option to pick the spot for lunch, had to go with smashburger, and that of course wasn’t a surprise.

joey and jessica made a tiramisu cake, and while it was a slight surprise, i don’t think it’s a secret how much i like tiramisu. but then it was time to open my present… lots of orange tissue, followed by a very cool custom card with what would be the first clue on the front, and then a square flat box—surprise, a practice drum pad!

Practice drum pad with custom painted drum sticks - Buchanan Design

i’m sure it was the constant banging of pens, sticks, rulers, tubes, etc. against every possible surface throughout the studio that gave them this cool gift idea. i started to beat the drum with my hand like a bongo and they said, “reach in, there’s more”—and there they were, custom painted drum sticks to complete the set. i was NOT expecting this but i must say that it’s one of the most memorable gifts to date. i put it on a stand and took it home for the weekend, the boys loved it too. the house rocked every time one of us walked by the mini makeshift drum set. don’t expect me to join a band, but i do feel pretty cool having my own custom pair of drum sticks!

Bobby The Drummer Boy - Buchanan Design

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I Like Pi

March 14, 2012 | admin

Today is 3.14 which just so happens to be the first three digits of Pi. Here at Buchanan Design we decided to commemorate this mathematically awesome day by eating lots of calorically heavy PiE. Each of us brought in a pie to share. Ryan went with the classic apple. Angiee brought in a smooth banana cream. Andy brought in a Julian apple/mountain berry. Bobby made his famous pumpkin with graham cracker crust. And I brought the savory with a homemade spinach, bacon, and corn pizza pie – and YES corn does belong on pizza.

The day has been a sugar high… then a crash… then a high… then a crash… hmmm…I think its time to for my 5th slice.


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The Big 2-3

February 24, 2012 | admin

Angiee's Birthday, February 2012
There is nothing like another round of birthday cake to squeeze in just before the end of winter. Joey’s wife, Jessica, struck yet again with the most delicious (and dangerous) combination of vanilla and chocolate. To celebrate my 23rd birthday, the boys took me out to Bud’s Louisiana Cafe, an amazing delight tucked inside the Balboa business center and a perfect way to belatedly celebrate Mardis Gras with authentic Cajun dishes. To top it all off, the boys chipped in for a pair of Padres baseball game tickets. Yes, this little birthday was a home run!

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January 20, 2012 | admin

January happens to be a busy month in the studio. On top of all the New Year dealings both Bobby and I celebrate birthdays, another excuse to eat cake!

Yesterday Joey brought in an orange liqueur masterpiece that Jessica made for me, what a treat! Everyone in the studio chipped in and got me an assortment of green tea from Teavana, pretty much my favorite. My day was rounded out with an adventurous lunch of Puerto Rican food at the Tropical Star.

Thanks to everyone at the studio for a great day!


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happy birthday to me

January 13, 2012 | admin

January 2011 Bobby's Birthday
Going to lunch on 1.11 was a given, but this year i added a special request—Jessica’s amazing chocolate cake.

Joey, our resident multimedia graphic designer is married to Jessica and she is a fantastic baker, spoils us all the time with her “experiments”.

I shared with everyone at Buchanan Design AND managed to feed a big slice to everyone at home. the icing on this cake was reading all the facebook birthday wishes and landing a new client.

Oh, and I also scored on a few more great items for the orange collection wall. 
it was a very cool birthday.


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Calling all Chocoholics!

July 22, 2011 | admin

Dallmann is officially open for business at the Flower Hill Mall in Del Mar.

We started this company branding journey with Bella Valencia, Chocolatier and Owner of Dallmann in the fall of 2010. We began by creating a new identity which was inspired by many of the wonderful photos of her grandfather and his shop in Austria. We wanted to honor the generations that have shaped Bella into who she is today while creating a brand that is modern, fresh, and complementary to what can only be described as delicious works of art. We then moved on to designing and executing her new website which included Detour Photography capturing every chocolate available. Yes, we did eat lots of chocolate along the way! The last phase will include packaging, collateral, and exterior signage for the new shop which Detour photographed last week. There are a few more pieces to complete but Bella is thrilled with the results and is getting some amazing press.

As an extended thank you and bonus, Bella is giving a special 25% OFF in-store purchase discount to everyone affiliated with Buchanan Design. Just stop by her shop and mention our name during check out. Enjoy the sweets and the sweet discount!



Oh, Canada!

July 1, 2010 | Buchanan Design

canada In the spirit of Canada Day (and of stuffing our faces) – we all thought it would be highly appropriate to cook up some Canadian bacon, eggs-n-cheddar, and maple bars (okay, we didn’t make those, but Joey totally could have if he wanted to). The eggs were a sight to behold, as Bobby artfully griddled them in the office and garnished them with handpicked chives from his very own garden. No pesticides!

Joey, who wins the Buchanan Design Spirit Award for today, even wore thematic clothing and invented a new Canadian-inspired treat. Want to add a little artery-clogging to your breakfast? Try “Joey’s Maple Bar Canadian Bacon Sandwich”–it’ll be sure to get your blood flowing a little more laboriously. All that grease really got our creative gears in motion, accompanied by some Canadian-born tunes rocking the stereo.

Talk aboot a great way to start the day!


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