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A Thank You That Lasts For A Year

December 10, 2015 | buchanandesign

Buchanan Design - TEL HI 2016 Calendar, Fruit - Vegetable - Plant - Flower - Garden

Perfect for a month dedicated to giving, we believe in thoughtful and personal gifts that thank friends and clients for their partnership and their business. A meaningful example of this sentiment is a 2016 calendar designed as a thank you for the donors of our nonprofit client, TEL HI Neighborhood Center.

TEL HI is an amazing organization dedicated to the growth and empowerment of their community in San Francisco since 1890. That’s over 125 years of dedication to people. Because of this, the calendar highlights every month with one of TEL HI’s many accomplishments. For example, in November, a small blurb describes TEL HI hosting an annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner. Varying fruits, vegetables, and flowers is a reflection of their diverse community. It’s also inspired by their most recent project. TEL HI successfully raised over $15,000 in two months to develop an Urban Teaching Garden that brings more nature into their urban community and more. You can learn more about their garden project here:

The 2016 calendar is a spiral bound collection of custom illustrations digitally printed on uncoated paper. It’s a token of appreciation that keeps giving throughout the year. It’s also the perfect monthly reminder of why it’s important to invest in this nonprofit.

If you’re like to learn more about TEL HI, please visit:

Buchanan Design - TEL HI 2016 Calendar - Lettuce - Cone Flower - January - February

Buchanan Design - TEL HI 2016 Calendar - Red Hot Chili Pepper - Artichoke - July - August

Click below to view all the illustrations in this 2016 calendar.


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Know Your Curves: App Design

February 6, 2015 | buchanandesign

This week we helped Imaging Healthcare Specialists launch their new Know Your Curves App. This App helps raise awareness about breast cancer and makes it easy for women to perform self-exams and schedule mammograms – the key to early breast cancer detection. This launch is a culmination of months of discussion, planning and thoughtful app design. As the App Designer, we worked directly with Imaging Healthcare Specialists to develop a very useful tool for millions of women and help save lives along the way. We strongly recommend that every woman over 40 download this app, it’s FREE through iTunes.

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Introducing the new TEL HI

April 24, 2014 | buchanandesign

Today we introduced the new TEL HI logo to the world with the launch of their new site.

In this new logo, we incoporated a modern minimalistic version of the red house – an icon synonymous with the history of Telegraph Hill Neighbor Center and an integral part of the original logo. Along with streamlining the look, we streamlined the organization name. From the many years we have worked with this organization, we realized that most people know and refer to Telegraph Hill Neighborhood Center as “TEL HI”. In the new logo we have emphasized “TEL HI” and advised the organization to embrace the name of TEL HI brand wide – now using TEL HI to refer to the organization in all communications and even using as the URL for the new website.

The new website is a product of close collaboration with TEL HI. Out of the many conversations we had, we discovered that it was important to bring emphasis to the different programs, events, and news – as well as be visually engaging to the many different groups that the center interacts with. It was also apparent that the site needed to be built on a platform that would allow different users in the organization to easily make updates to various parts of the site.

We ended up with a very dynamic mobile-responsive site built in wordpress to allow the TEL HI team to make updates on the fly. Visually, we pulled in many vibrant colors and photos to reflect the diverse community involved with TEL HI. We also blocked off an area on each page to highlight the latest events, news, and advertising related to the individual page topic.

Visit the new site and take a look for yourself.

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Introducing Pacific Arts Movement

November 1, 2012 | buchanandesign

Today is the start of the 13th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival. Aside from being a big fan of asian cinema, I am extra excited for this festival as it will be the first that the San Diego Asian Film Foundation will be hosting under their new name and identity: Pacific Arts Movement.

Earlier this year, Lee Ann Kim of the San Diego Asian Film Foundation came to us to help them develop a new website and identity, as Pacific Arts Movement.

In developing the new identity for Pacific Arts Movement, we tried to capture the essence of the organization by representing a few key elements…

Coming Together:
At its heart, this logo represents the idea of many converging as one. This reflects the idea of many countries, cultures, art forms, ideas, and people that are brought together at the many events and experiences created by the Pacific Arts Movement.

On the surface, the flowing organic shape of the logo illustrates the “pacific”. However, the shape is really meant to represent not only that Pacific Arts Movement showcases are in constant change and also that they work to spark growth and change in the individuals that encounter them.

The logo also works as a stylized infinity symbol. This represents Pacific Arts Movement’s constant movement forward – reaching to involve and represent more cultures and to facilitate the future of film by constantly seeking out the newest films and supporting the development of tomorrow’s film makers.


For the website, we opted for a clean, modern look (mixed with some custom illustration) to match the personality of the organization. We paired this look with an easy to use content management system so that updates could be made on the fly by multiple users in the organization. The result is a visually engaging site that lives and breaths with constant content updates.

View the site and logo at

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Teaching Artist Institute San Diego

October 3, 2012 | buchanandesign

Teaching Artist Institute San Diego

It’s not often that our design studio gets an opportunity to work with art-related non-profit organizations. When this creative design project presented itself, our graphic designers jumped on it right away, or I should say, Orange Tree Project (OTP) said “yes” to the new creative challenge.

All of our pro-bono branding projects now fall under OTP because we are working toward restructuring our non-profit organization in this manner. While they are truly pro-bono projects and once OTP is up and running the way we hope, these projects will be paid design projects to the design firm that agrees to help. OTP will pay a pre-set amount to the firm for their work. This way, we can reinforce that our talents have value and we can continue helping the companies that need our help the most. It’s a win-win.

We hope that many San Diego design firms will be part of the team who will help make this happen. In the case of Teaching Artist Institute San Diego, the non-profit organization needed a new logo identity and website to help launch the project funded by Young Audiences of San Diego. We designed a branding identity that captures the imagination and also represents the teacher/student relationship – the teacher represented in the red shape. We used this same shape throughout the website as a primary graphic element. We are very pleased with the results and hope this will help the organization reach thousands of people throughout southern California.

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Canter Companies: Before & After

August 2, 2012 | buchanandesign

Andrew Canter came to us with a simple request, update their corporate branding and identity, to better reflect their business today and future strategic goals. It was obvious to see that a new brand image would be needed, followed by a stationery system, print collateral look, and website designs. I say website designs because Canter Companies has grown to represent several corporate divisions; each offering something unique to the real estate industry.

After developing a creative design brief and several discussions on identity development and brand positioning, our graphic designers began creating a new brand. Here was the general design challenge: Canter offers a variety of professional services within the real estate industry, but at the core, the company thrives on taking nothing and turning it into something great. So, our designers wanted to create a logo that communicated that concept. After sketching and exploring a variety of corporate branding directions, I took a simple piece of paper and began to experiment with letter shapes.

It wasn’t long before the “Aha!” moment presented itself and well, the new Canter logo was born. There will be more to come; we plan to share the new case study on Canter in our portfolio soon. Here’s a sneak peek:


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WOW! Without Flash

March 1, 2012 | admin

Buchanan Design was recently sought-out by Scripps Health to design an animated microsite and animated e-blast to promote their upcoming Legacy Celebration. Scripps came to us with a design they created for a printed ‘save the date’ and a music sample that they wanted to use in the animation. They said they wanted to “WOW” their guests.

In the past, we have created event micro-sites with elaborate animation. Our primary vehicle to create these animated experiences was using Flash. Recently however, due to the popularity of non-Flash devices such as the iPhone and iPad, we have had to find work-arounds to creating an animated experience without the use of Flash.

Because Scripps Health wanted the animation to be coordinated with music, the obvious solution for incorporating animation on the site was to use video. We brought their static image to life with animated textures, custom graphics, messaging, and music to create a short video for the landing page of the event microsite. You can see the results below.

Creating an animation for the e-blast was a bit more challenging. Although most internet browsers are constantly getting updated with the latest technology and coding practices, most email  clients are way behind the times. Because of this, embedded video and audio is not an option for e-blasts. We opted to go with an animated GIF. Animated GIFs are a fairly old technology that worked really well for smaller animations, but took up way to much memory for anything that had any substance – you may remember the obnoxious small looping animations of the internet in the 90s. However, because both personal computers and internet speeds have gotten so much faster, the large file size of GIF animations is less of an issue. Although they do not support audio, GIFs are just about universally supported everywhere. You can see a shrunk-down version of the GIF animation below – keep in mind it was a header of a larger email.

Scripps was happy with the results. We managed to deliver the “WOW” with out the use of Flash.


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February 2, 2012 | admin

Original vs. Stock Illustration, A Taste of Tel-Hi, February 2012

We have been working with Telegraph Hill Neighborhood Center (Tel-Hi) for over a year now and it’s been a very fun and collaborative working relationship. Last year was the first time we helped them with A Taste of Tel-Hi, their big annual fundraiser, and we were “encouraged” to use a stock illustration that was similar in style to previous years. I tried diplomatically to educate the value of original work vs. stock, but for various reasons, we continued with the stock illustration for 2011—much to my disappointment.

So when conversations started for the 2012 event, I immediately asked if it was ok to explore original art? A few hmm’s later, I was given the proverbial “why don’t you show us some ideas…” That was all we needed to get started and by the first presentation it was obvious that we were headed in a great direction. The solution: Take 3 iconic landmarks from San Francisco, Coit Tower, Golden Gate Bridge, and the Transamerica Pyramid, and transform them into the most interesting set of silverware. The staff and board of directors all love the design. So much so that we may opt to use it annually and build a brand around it for all of SF to recognize when it’s time for A Taste of Tel-Hi.

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Savvy Sue & Premium Paul

November 15, 2011 | admin

The video we just completed for TRU Phone made it’s debut today in front of thousands and is receiving kudos in various twitter and blog posts.

TRU is based in London with an office in North Carolina, so in addition to the tight timeline, we worked around the 3 and 8 hour time difference.

We partnered with Comunicano on the project and the concept started with a simple conversation describing the difference between a TRU traveler and a competitor service traveler. The writing team developed the script and once that was approved we put everything in motion. Voice-over talent in LA, models in the Detour studio, and Joey revving up the new computer engines. It was a fun process with little time to second guess, check it out! b

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