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Happy-Happy-Happy-Happy Poster Design

August 11, 2015 | buchanandesign

We just completed another round of posters for our office gallery. The theme this time around is Happy! Each of us tried to capture a bit of happiness on 18”x24” page. Do any of these posters make you happy? – be sure to like the one that appeals to you on our Facebook page. The designs with the most likes will be considered for production and possibly made available for purchase on


Thinking like a true kid at heart, my happy place surrounds me with giant cups of unlimited hot chocolate, never-melting ice cream and any-flavor-you-want cake. Inspired by my love for Disneyland and desserts, Happyland is a far away, floating city that’s powered by everything that makes me happy. What’s your ridiculous happy place? -Angiee


Food is a great excuse to reunite with friends, reminds me of childhood moments, and is one of the key ingredients in starting new family traditions. An aroma can instantly transport me to my nana’s kitchen or a meal experience somewhere in my travels. Food involves all the senses… especially for a designer. Looking back, I’ve been a foodie my entire life, but didn’t know it. -Bobby


I find happiness in riding bikes along the coast with my two kids. -Jason


Sometimes happiness comes in a simple form. Other times, it comes in form of a dancing electric fan-powered wind sock. -Joey

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P is for Poster!

October 8, 2014 | buchanandesign


Our latest poster gallery showcases our love for type and illustration. The challenge was to take a letter from the alphabet and bring it to life through illustration. Have a favorite poster? Visit our Facebook page to vote by liking it.

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Poster Match-up

November 21, 2013 | buchanandesign

For our latest round of poster designs, the color scheme got bold and punchy. Each of us got to explore our alter egos as we all designed our own personal luchador mask. Visit our Facebook page to vote for your favorite poster by liking it. Each designer will be “unmasked” at the beginning of the new year.

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Just Desserts

August 27, 2013 | buchanandesign

Our latest poster gallery features something that we obsess over here at Buchanan Design: Dessert. We chose a creamy, fruity, chocolatey color scheme for our largest poster gallery yet. You can see the results below. If you haven’t already, vote for your favorite by “liking” it on our facebook page.







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Game On!

April 12, 2013 | buchanandesign


As we say goodbye to last year’s seasonal series, we switched it up this season to have fun with toys and games. Our graphic designers had fun representing their favorite one! We chose the brightest of color swatches: red (Pantone 1795), yellow (Pantone 109), blue (Pantone 3005), and green (Pantone 355).

In honor of our new competitive twist to determine official office bragging rights, I can no longer share with you who’s who. So, if you lead mini battles with tiny green men, you spend hours escaping piranha plants, you enjoy driving friends into bankruptcy, or maybe, you are one of the ultimate ping pong masters, please take a moment to “Like” your favorite poster on our Facebook page. Keep an eye on our page to discover the winner for this season.

Don’t forget that you are always welcome to drop by our design studio and to see these playful gems up close before the next season!


Toy Soldier Buchanan Design Spring 2013 Poster Design Series

Super Mario Brothers video game Buchanan Design Spring 2013 Poster Design Series

Ping Pong Buchanan Design Spring 2013 Poster Design Series

Monopoly board game Buchanan Design Spring 2013 Poster Design Series

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Fall back!

November 5, 2012 | buchanandesign

the FALL poster series is up in the office—just in time for the changing of leaves and the smell of pumpkin pie.
we have always produced the posters to keep the creative juices flowing and to see how each one of us interprets the theme, in this case FALL.
however, we added a competitive twist to this series by agreeing to post them on facebook at the end of the season and allowing our friends and followers to “like” their favorite.
this is a competitive group but we all agreed to not cheat and hint out which poster belonged to who… until i need more votes that is.

look for the post on our facebook page in late november or early december when we are into winter and brainstorming on the poster theme for Q1. maybe we will use facebook to help us decide that too.

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The Brightest Season

June 25, 2012 | admin

It’s shining a little brighter in our design studio with our new round of seasonal posters marking the summer. Our graphic designers hand-picked Pantone colors 563 (teal), 151 (orange), 123 (yellow), and 631 (aqua). These vibrant color swatches were randomly drawn from a hat by Bobby, Joey, Angiee (me), and Ryan.

While Joey, Ryan, and I celebrate the summer cooling off with cold treats and a water gun, you’ll find Bobby saying aloha to Maui, a favorite summertime getaway.

Take a look below or drop by our design studio to catch our summer graphic design posters close up until September.


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Spring is on our wall!

March 5, 2012 | admin


As the season is starting to change the decor at our studio is following suit. Our winter posters have come down and the fresh Pantone colors of spring now hang. This is the second round of the BD Seasonal Poster Series and with intern Andy Curione joining us we’ve added a fifth Pantone color to the mix. The same rules apply, use at least 2 of the 5 colors to interpret the spring season.

See our finished pieces below or hanging in our studio now through July. Hats off to Bobby and Andy for not using the computer to create their posters.



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‘Tis The Season Gallery

December 6, 2011 | admin

Today we put up our very first Seasonal Poster Gallery for Winter.

About a month ago we decided to start a poster gallery in our office for each new season. For each gallery each of us would interpret the season as a poster using any art medium. In addition, each person would get a color, from a seasonal palette, that they would emphasize in their poster.

For this Winter Gallery, we chose pantone 551, 3025, 877, and 731 as our palette. For those of you who are not designers, these colors equate to a Sky Blue, a Deep Teal, a Silver and a Chocolate Brown. We threw the colors in a hat and each of us drew one. Ryan took on the Sky Blue, Bobby took on the Deep Teal, I (Joey) had Silver and Angiee was left with the Chocolate Brown.

If you find yourself at our studio, be sure to take a look at the posters in person. They will only be up for a few months as the Spring Gallery is just around the corner.


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