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Just Desserts

August 27, 2013 | buchanandesign

Our latest poster gallery features something that we obsess over here at Buchanan Design: Dessert. We chose a creamy, fruity, chocolatey color scheme for our largest poster gallery yet. You can see the results below. If you haven’t already, vote for your favorite by “liking” it on our facebook page.







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Living Zoe

August 21, 2013 | buchanandesign


We all shop. We all want to help those who need support. We all have access to the internet. So how about you combine all three? In a matter of minutes, every purchase you make can help an organization around the world. If it sounds too easy, it’s because it is. Living Zoe was created to make this simple. Currently in it’s second year, the founder approached us to see if we would be interested in helping them brand their organization. After a couple of conversations, it was clear that the Living Zoe vision was perfectly aligned with many of the reasons why we created OrangeTree Project.

We agreed and are now in the trenches designing a new identity including brand guidelines, marketing materials, a website and a video to help spread the “shop forward” movement. Think of everyday items that you’re already buying, why not browse for your favorite online stores though the Living Zoe platform? You can instantly help a cause of your choice, or let the team at Living Zoe use the earned dollars to help causes that directly support children like orphans and child soldiers. More to come in the months ahead.


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