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I Like Pi

March 14, 2012 | admin

Today is 3.14 which just so happens to be the first three digits of Pi. Here at Buchanan Design we decided to commemorate this mathematically awesome day by eating lots of calorically heavy PiE. Each of us brought in a pie to share. Ryan went with the classic apple. Angiee brought in a smooth banana cream. Andy brought in a Julian apple/mountain berry. Bobby made his famous pumpkin with graham cracker crust. And I brought the savory with a homemade spinach, bacon, and corn pizza pie – and YES corn does belong on pizza.

The day has been a sugar high… then a crash… then a high… then a crash… hmmm…I think its time to for my 5th slice.


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Spring is on our wall!

March 5, 2012 | admin


As the season is starting to change the decor at our studio is following suit. Our winter posters have come down and the fresh Pantone colors of spring now hang. This is the second round of the BD Seasonal Poster Series and with intern Andy Curione joining us we’ve added a fifth Pantone color to the mix. The same rules apply, use at least 2 of the 5 colors to interpret the spring season.

See our finished pieces below or hanging in our studio now through July. Hats off to Bobby and Andy for not using the computer to create their posters.



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WOW! Without Flash

March 1, 2012 | admin

Buchanan Design was recently sought-out by Scripps Health to design an animated microsite and animated e-blast to promote their upcoming Legacy Celebration. Scripps came to us with a design they created for a printed ‘save the date’ and a music sample that they wanted to use in the animation. They said they wanted to “WOW” their guests.

In the past, we have created event micro-sites with elaborate animation. Our primary vehicle to create these animated experiences was using Flash. Recently however, due to the popularity of non-Flash devices such as the iPhone and iPad, we have had to find work-arounds to creating an animated experience without the use of Flash.

Because Scripps Health wanted the animation to be coordinated with music, the obvious solution for incorporating animation on the site was to use video. We brought their static image to life with animated textures, custom graphics, messaging, and music to create a short video for the landing page of the event microsite. You can see the results below.

Creating an animation for the e-blast was a bit more challenging. Although most internet browsers are constantly getting updated with the latest technology and coding practices, most email  clients are way behind the times. Because of this, embedded video and audio is not an option for e-blasts. We opted to go with an animated GIF. Animated GIFs are a fairly old technology that worked really well for smaller animations, but took up way to much memory for anything that had any substance – you may remember the obnoxious small looping animations of the internet in the 90s. However, because both personal computers and internet speeds have gotten so much faster, the large file size of GIF animations is less of an issue. Although they do not support audio, GIFs are just about universally supported everywhere. You can see a shrunk-down version of the GIF animation below – keep in mind it was a header of a larger email.

Scripps was happy with the results. We managed to deliver the “WOW” with out the use of Flash.


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The Middle [Wo]Man

| admin

Hewitt Marketing came to us for a new logo and brand definition. The company specializes in building positive relations between a developer or builder and the city or community. It’s a sensitive position because each party is coming to the table with a very specific want, but in the end, there will have to be compromise in order to make anything happen. The developer is instantly the “bad guy” and the residents the “victims”. I see this relationship a little differently and believe that we can’t stop progress, but we can influence the final outcome.

We started by recommending that we brand them only as Hewitt. The word “marketing” implies a very different service and was instantly perceived as a “sell” by any given community. They understood and agreed that this would be a very smart move for the company. After presenting several logo concepts, Hewitt selected my personal favorite. The mark is a letter H made from 2 speech bubbles— one from each side of the table with Hewitt leading the communications to ensure the best possible outcome for everyone involved.


Here is what Lenette Hewitt had to say about working with Buchanan Design:

“I would like to thank you for the great job you did on the branding for my new company. The time and effort you put into really understanding my business and translating that into my logo showcases your high level of design excellence.”
-Lenette Hewitt

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