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Calling all Chocoholics!

July 22, 2011 | admin

Dallmann is officially open for business at the Flower Hill Mall in Del Mar.

We started this company branding journey with Bella Valencia, Chocolatier and Owner of Dallmann in the fall of 2010. We began by creating a new identity which was inspired by many of the wonderful photos of her grandfather and his shop in Austria. We wanted to honor the generations that have shaped Bella into who she is today while creating a brand that is modern, fresh, and complementary to what can only be described as delicious works of art. We then moved on to designing and executing her new website which included Detour Photography capturing every chocolate available. Yes, we did eat lots of chocolate along the way! The last phase will include packaging, collateral, and exterior signage for the new shop which Detour photographed last week. There are a few more pieces to complete but Bella is thrilled with the results and is getting some amazing press.

As an extended thank you and bonus, Bella is giving a special 25% OFF in-store purchase discount to everyone affiliated with Buchanan Design. Just stop by her shop and mention our name during check out. Enjoy the sweets and the sweet discount!




July 19, 2011 | admin

After a short-lived job hunt, I was absolutely excited to get a call from Bobby asking how things were going. It appears I made a BIG impression on the Buchanan Design team during my internship and they thought of me when the Junior Designer position opened—I was more than happy to grab the opportunity right away. I know the expectations are high now with the promise of a bright future, but I am ready for the challenge! Now, I’m here to refocus all that untapped creative energy to officially becoming part of the team and filling in some incredibly big shoes.

I’m excited about this wonderful move forward with Buchanan Design. Thank you to Bobby and the boys for welcoming me back! You can’t get rid of me this time!


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Design CAN Help

July 14, 2011 | admin

We recently designed the logo for Cranio Angel Network (CAN) started by Sheila Grantham. Her daughter Avery was diagnosed with Craniosynostosis, a birth defect that requires surgery to correct.

Symptoms of Craniosynostosis are often dismissed and early diagnosis is crucial to providing adequate treatment. Fortunately for Avery, her mommy was persistent and finally found the right doctor who confirmed the birth defect so that she could get the required surgery at the ideal young age. Avery is one of many angels who are part of the CAN network, you can learn more on their website (

It was a great cause that we felt deserved great design to help with branding and visibility. Sheila was recently on NBC where the new CAN logo was introduced, click the link below to watch.



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