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June 17, 2011 | Buchanan Design


AIGA San Diego is embarking on a new community outreach project called Bowhaus and we will be in charge of all communications. This will be similar to the Hearts in San Francisco or the Cows on Parade in Chicago.

Local and regional artists will be given the opportunity to create the most unique and artistic doghouses. The houses will be unveiled at the premiere, have a public exhibit for the community, and the very best will be auctioned off at closing Gala. Proceeds will help local animal advocacy groups and AIGA’s ongoing mission to advance design as a professional craft, strategic tool, and vital cultural force.

Petco has already signed up as the title sponsor and while it’s just starting to gain momentum, you will definitely be seeing and hearing much more in the months to come.
you can learn more at but the event is now going to happen in the spring of 2012.


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June 13, 2011 | Buchanan Design


Last week I was in Minneapolis for the AIGA leadership retreat. AIGA is The Professional Association for Design and this was my first time in Minnesota.

Arrived on Wednesday and hit the floor running on thursday morning. Each day was loaded with insightful presentations, break-out sessions, and new people to meet from around the country. Thursday night we had an icebreaker mixer to exchange cards among all the chapters followed by a rooftop dinner. Friday, Chris (my roomie) and I made a valiant effort to get a private tour of the Target creative department—no luck, but they have a very nice lobby…. Not all was lost, we ran across an amazing food truck with a great reputation around the city. Friday night… another cocktail event….

Saturday night we attended a local art school for a cocktail reception organized by the Salt Lake chapter who will be hosting the 2012 leadership retreat. Later that night we hung out at the pub next to our hotel and watched the locals. It was an all night city-wide art night and we saw some very interesting people….

I always come back feeling energized, encouraged, and ready to raise the bar even further. It was great to come home to the family and sleep!


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Not Short on Creativity!

June 3, 2011 | Buchanan Design


We have had the pleasure of having Angiee around the studio for the past 7 months. Her stint as a creative intern turned junior designer was full of “loving jabs”. I was doing the majority of teasing but let it be known that Angiee, at 4 foot something is no push-over. She can hold her own… especially when coming up with creative solutions. We wish her well, see what she had to say about her stay with us below.


Internship at BD through Angiee’s eyes:

I have never felt more lucky than anyone to have shared my first internship experience with the guys here at Buchanan Design, given that this is where I had my first interview too.

I worked on a lot of different projects, designing logos, print collateral, and banners, and researching images. I also had the chance to organize and to browse through Bobby’s impressive collection of design and paper literature. This has been such an inspiring and learning experience.

If you get to work with these awesome dudes, and you happen to stand under 5 feet, please note that you may never see the toaster, but you can stretch enough to reach the start button on the microwave. You may experience minor discomfort when you cut on the mat atop the darkest production table. Important to note: the step ladder is hiding in the back.

I have to say that I am sad to be walking away from such an amazing studio with such a big heart. However, I am absolutely delighted to have had the opportunity to be with people who share with you the same passion for good design, and well, good food too.

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