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Summer Is Here

May 15, 2009 | Buchanan Design


A quick look at the calendar—May 15th— reveals that the ‘dog days’ of summer are just around the corner. When those days get here, we’ll be ready, and we may just grill up some franks to celebrate.

Today though, we unofficially ushered in the summer season with Korean shortribs! Bobby brought in a shiny new tabletop grill for the balcony, and we did it up right with rice, baked potatoes, and spicy pork. You better believe we washed it down with some fresh watermelon, too. ‘Cause we did.

We’ve already discussed next week’s menu options, and have all but penciled in Friday lunchtimes from now through September for BD BBQ’s. If you’re as excited about that as we are (or anywhere near it) swing on by some Friday and see if we’re kidding (we’re not). Just bring enough to share!



They’re impressed by our packages!

May 7, 2009 | Buchanan Design


We are proud to announce that Buchanan Design is featured in Rockport’s newest book, 1,000 Package Designs. Not one, not two, but three of our designs appear in the publication dedicated to “beautiful, creative, innovative packages.” What an honor! The next time you’re in our studio—or your local book store—check out our work on pages 69, 168, and 198.

This of course would not be possible without all of our amazing clients. Your success is our success!


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