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Brand Research

March 11, 2009 | Buchanan Design


At the studio we make it a point of seeking out successful brands and studying them in depth. Recently, we embarked on studying a tried and true brand that has endured for over 80 years: Girl Scout Cookies.

A local Girl Scout Cookie dealer, despite her innocent demeanor, managed to sucker us into ordering 4 boxes. On top of that, she convinced us to wait a full month before receiving said boxes.

After a long month of waiting patiently to begin our “brand research”, today our dealer made the cookie drop-off. We dove into the tedious task of ripping all the boxes open and testing each type of cookie—once, twice, even three times more—all in the name of research, of course.

The results? Well, it’s safe to say the ‘Samoas’ are the chewy caramel that bind together the “Girl Scout Cookie” brand. The ‘Dulce De Leche’, the newest member of the Girl Scout lineup, was delicious and a welcome addition—a unanimous close second. Peanut butter ‘Tagalongs’ were good, and the ‘Thin Mints’, while they certainly serve a specific role for Girl Scouts, were the least popular around Buchanan Design.


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New Office Update

March 2, 2009 | Buchanan Design


The build out of the new office is well under way! Since last week Monday they’ve made a lot of progress, and it’s been a treat to see the progression at the end of each day. Walking through the build out has fueled some great conversations; “What do you think about the dart board here?”, “Blue or orange on this wall?”, “I’ve got dibs on this window for my desk!”

The space is shaping up nicely and everyone is getting pretty excited as our move-in date quickly approaches!


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